'I'm Trying to cook spaghetti' …. Guru from Gangstarr

“I think he’s very lonely. Lonelier than he lets on. Maybe lonelier than he even realizes.”
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

“That if they can hold the pain, and then they complain. Why would you chase away the sun if you don’t want the rain? I never asked for the world, just a portion. Tryin’ to make a good soldier out of daddy’s little orphan but management called down, demanded that we turned the sound down. And with that, I suggest we start the count-down. Simplistic spiral and work your way backwards 'til the bastards collapse and choke on their last words. And I’ll be back when its happy hour, so just pour me another and ignore me my brother.” -Atmosphere, ”Breathing”


Keith Haring - Untitled, 1981
A Theme A Theme